Aerogarden Sponge Hacks That Would Come In Handy

Aerogarden Sponge Hacks That Would Come In Handy


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If you want to succeed with hydroponics, Aerogarden Sponge is essential. Without Grow Sponges, there is no Hydroponic progress for you and you need to know some of the hacks around it to enjoy the experience.

Aerogarden Sponge is soilless mediums made with various materials such as Pure Canadian sphagnum Peat moss, Rockwool, Kitchen sponges, and other artificial or organic materials used for growing plants in your Aerogarden. Their function is to create the right and suitable environment so that your seeds can germinate. 

Seeds can use a certain amount of water and oxygen for them to germinate and sprout; that is exactly where the Aerogarden sponge comes in; it provides air and water in adequate amounts for your seeds to sprout. In addition, Aerogarden Sponge also enhances healthy root development and rapid growth.

Why Your Aerogarden Sponge Is Important?

Technically, For your seeds to germinate, and emerge as seedlings they require a certain amount of oxygen and water. This is basically not a problem if you would be planting using a soil medium since the soil would produce these requirements for your plant seeds. But if you would decide to go the Hydroponic way, using Aerogarden, you will also have to provide a soilless medium that would make oxygen, and water available in their proper amounts for your seeds to germinate.

Furthermore, Aerogarden provides your crop with the perfect environment they need to grow and develop fast but your seeds require just a little boost to germinate fast.

Here are some of the importance of Aerogarden sponge:

  • Transplanting seedlings after germination is made easier when you use the Aerogarden sponge.
  • Your Aerogarden environment does not get messy since it is a clean procedure.
  • Root development and germination can be easily monitored using the Aerogarden sponge.
  • You can reuse a grow sponge; it is not a thing you use once for your Aerogarden so, buying it means you will not have to buy it again, at least for some time.
  • You will only have to make use of a little space in germinating a large quantity of your seed when you use an Aerogarden sponge.
  • All you do is monitor your seeds as they turn into seedlings. Your plant seeds will quickly germinate; there is little or zero part you will have to play.

 The best way you can maintain your aerogarden sponges

Although you have seen several advantages while using an Aerogarden sponge, it also has some challenges. If you don’t maintain your Aerogarden sponges, you will not get the best out of them. Also, one of the reasons why you must maintain your Aerogarden sponges is so that they can be used again, as Grow sponges are not easily reusable. Here are some ways to maintain your Aerogarden sponges:

  • Make sure to monitor them closely.
  • Mist your Aerogarden sponge by spraying water on them with a spray bottle so that you will keep them moist.
  • Be sure to use clean Aerogarden Sponges to give moulds and fungi a chance.
  • Wet your Sponges, and put them inside boiling water for a few minutes. This would eliminate the possibility of mould, fungi, and mildew occurrence.
  • To eliminate the occurrence of mould, fungi, and mildew, you can dampen your Aerogarden sponges and drop them into the microwave for just five minutes.
  • Soaking your Aerogarden sponges inside water mixed with bleach will also eliminate these pests.
  • While planting your seeds, you can do them in any of these two ways:
    • Make larger holes, like the size of the tip of a pencil in the Sponge, and plant multiple of your seeds
    • You can also insert seeds into the already provided tiny holes in the sponge

 How to make your Aerogarden Sponges

If you are the hands-on kind, of course, a few methods that you can DIY do the same work that a sponge bought from the store will do. Below are just three efficient and effective ways to make your Aerogardedn Sponges:

Using peat moss

The first on our list is Peat Moss, a very effective medium to create DIY Aerogarden sponges. It is also effective for seed germination. However, there is a warning: be sure not to use any peat moss perlite.

How to use Peat moss to make a DIY Aerogarden sponge:

  • Mix water and peat moss in a clean container. This should result in a solution that looks somewhat sticky, like thick oatmeal.
  • Create a mould that can be prepared from various materials. However, I advise you use PVC because it is more preferred since it is very reusable. The thickness of the PVC should be either half inches or an inch. Cut the pipe simply into any length sections of your choice but, since you are using it in your Aerogarden, you would need to cut it into the dimensions suited for your Aerogarden.
  • Fill the mould with your initial peat moss that you already dampened. Make sure to stuff in the mould as much of your dampened peat moss as possible.
  • Let the mixture in the mould dry up a little for some hours, then stick in a pencil in the middle of the mould. Remember the peat moss must dry a bit, Do well to remove the pencil and allow the mixture to dry more if it does not stay in place when you stick it in.
  • After 24 hours, pull out the pencil, turn over the mould, gently tap it once or twice, and remove the now become a sponge. If it is completely dried, it will slip out easily, but if not, you will have to wait a few more hours.
Using Rockwool

Another good DIY possible way to create your homemade sponge alternative to growing sponge bought from the store is using Rockwool. Because of the chemical properties stuck in Rockwool, it is perfect for germinating seeds.

Rockwool holds on to water and oxygen very well, allows more than enough space, and supports seedlings’ sprouting and root development.

How to use Rockwool to make a DIY Aerogarden sponge:

  • Since the natural pH level of a Rockwool is 8.0, you will need to bring it lower to at least a pH of 5.5. You can do this by simply soaking them in acidic water for just about two days.
  • Trace lines on your Rockwool using a marker and cut them with a sharp knife into smaller cubes of your desired size if they are not already in cube sizes and are in large pieces.
  • Finally, Pierce holes into your Rockwool using a pencil if it does not already have holes in it.
Using kitchen sponge

kitchen sponges are also decent for grow sponges, although they are very much looked for or sophisticated like Rockwool or Peat moss, they are still very cheap and can be bought from a retail store near you or on Amazon.

How to use a Kitchen sponge to make a DIY Aerogareden sponge:

  • For your first step, take a clean kitchen sponge, and boil it in water for a couple of minutes. You can also microwave it for approximately 4 or 5 minutes. This is to get rid of bacteria and mildew in the sponge.
  • You will have to create spaces or holes for the seeds. However, this depends on the kind of Kitchen sponge you are using, as some have porous surfaces providing many holes that can contain your seeds. But if the sponge is solid, you can slice holes into them or poke holes in them to create spaces for inserting your seeds.

Where to get the best sponges at good prices

Normally finding Aerogarden Grow Sponges at your local shop is kind of very hard, and even when you find one, the price is way up. You can only get normal materials that you can use to create your own homemade Grow sponges.

If you are looking for where to get sponges online, I will suggest you try amazon. The following Aerogarden sponges are highly recommended for aerogardeners.

Accoorder Seed Starter Grow Sponges for Aerogarden

The Accorder sponges are made from Canadian sphagnum peat and give gardeners the opportunity to grow plants indoors all year round. They are of good quality providing a medium for reliable germination and good root development. When you purchase this product, you will get 50 pieces of grow-sponges that are specially made for Aerogardens. They are manufactured with a balanced PH and contain all the necessary micronutrients and other biological matter necessary for plant growth. It is suitable for growing different kinds of plants. If you are having problems with the product, the manufacturer promises to resolve them when you contact them.

The best alternatives to Aerogarden Sponges

Sometimes you might not find exactly an Aerogarden Grow Sponge. Although we have talked about the DIY homemade Grow Sponges, which can also serve as an alternative to Aerogarden sponges, below are a few good sponges that can also serve as Aerogarden sponges too and even serve you better.


From the Everecoo brand comes this good and highly recommended Grow sponge that can use in place of Aerogarden sponges. Everecoo grow sponges are made out of pure Canadian sphagnum peat, and they provide you with a clean, soilless, indoor growing. The quality is really good and provides effective and efficient germination with healthy roots development.


This high-quality, nutritious plug for seeds is also a good alternative for your Aerogarden. They are also made from pure Canadian sphagnum peat; they provide a clean and soilless indoor great growing experience all year round. You get 50 pieces of this to grow sponge when you buy it. Furthermore, Accoorder Seed Starter Grow Sponges’ pH is balanced, contains good micronutrients, and is active biologically.


This is also the best choice for your Aerogarden as it is sized to fit into your Aerogarden pod perfectly. Ecoogrower Grow Sponges also contain micronutrients and are pH balanced for your seeds’ proper germination and root development. It also offers the best air porosity possible in a grow sponge.


In conclusion, Aerogarden sponges are essential for a successful growing experience in Aerogarden. There are no two ways about their importance whether you decide to make them or buy them; they are essential for starting seeds.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information you would need in making the right choice about the Grow sponge for your Aerogarden.

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