Can I Use Soil Plant Food When I Run Out Of Aerogarden Liquid Nutrients

Can I Use Soil Plant Food When I Run Out Of Aerogarden Liquid Nutrients?


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You may be wondering why you need to buy specific hydroponic nutrients when you can buy many cheap soil fertilizers available and sell them around you. There must be a way to use these affordable and available soil fertilizers to replace Aerogarden food and perhaps provide the nutrients your plants need.

This article will help you see the difference between Soil plant fertilizer and Aerogarden plant food cases. If you can use soil fertilizers in your Aerogarden, how you can use soil fertilizer on Aerogarden, and when you should not use them.


Will Soil Plant Nutrients Serve My Aerogarden Plants The Same Way?

To answer this question, we must first understand the difference between Aerogarden plant nutrients and soil-plant nutrients and the uniqueness of both growing mediums.

Aerogarden media vs soil media

Aerogarden provides plants with chemically neutral and sterile supporting growth media where every nutrient needed by the plants is made available by the nutrient solution you apply to it. While the soil provides the plant with organic matter, minerals, and even microbes that help break down these minerals, and organic matter, this is already a good head start for our plants in terms of nutrition.

Soil-plant nutrients only aid these already available nutrients and make available materials that these microbes in the soil will process and provide lacking nutrients in the soil. On the other hand, Aerogarden plant nutrients provide for your plants every nutrient required in the form that your plants can access.

Let’s keep it simple, microbes in the soil slowly process some form of nitrogen in soil-plant nutrients; hence, they are typically applied occasionally. In comparison, Aerogarden plant nutrients are frequently applied to plants.

Aerogarden plant food vs soil plant food.

Soil fertilizers sold to gardeners do not normally contain nitrates because nitrates will easily be washed off by rain; since their mobility is high, they are shortly available to soil plants.

Ammonium and urea are always present in soil-plant nutrients and are not a good idea for your Aerogarden plants because the media will be toxified, and the plants will be affected. While soil plants rely on soil bacteria to process ammonium and urea slowly into nitrate, thereby making them accessible to the plants, Aerogarden plant food already contains this nitrate which is the plants’ preferred final form of nitrogen to grow well.

Furthermore, you might notice that the amount of phosphorus in soil-plant nutrients is twice that present in Aerogarden plant nutrients. This is because phosphate is usually fixed in the soil, and so an excess of it is included in soil-plant nutrients so the plants will have an ample supply of it.

Therefore, soil-plant nutrients will serve your Aerogarden plant the same way as fertilizers. Remember that you will have to avoid any soil-plant nutrient containing nitrogen, ammonium, or urea. But if you cannot prevent this, then do well to stay clear of soil-plant food for your Aerogarden plants.

What happens when I use soil plant food nutrients on my aerogarden plants?

We now understand how that soil growing medium differs from Aerogarden soil-plant and how their plant nutrients differ. Soil-plant food is made for plants grown on soil, and you might not get the result you so desire if you apply it to your Aerogarden plants.

Your Aerogarden plants require nutrients that are already processed and can be quickly taken up. Soil plant nutrients are built to suit the soil growth media, and they linger in the soil before the roots take them up. Since there are no microbes in Aerogarden, it is possible that soil plant nutrients might not dissolve and may remain inaccessible for your plants. This will make your plants devoid of nutrients and cause them not to grow and develop well.

Well, on the flip side, if you can avoid soil plant food that contains ammonia, or urea as nitrogen, that is, making use of soil-plant food that contains nitrogen in a form that is not ammonia or urea then, your Aerogarden plants will thrive.

What are the best plant nutrient alternatives when I run out of aerogarden plant food?

So, to ensure the safety of your plants, you must be mindful of what you feed them. Even when your Aerogarden plant food runs out, instead of going cheap on your plants, risking their growth, and risking having a bad growing experience for you, it is better to go for good alternatives to Aerogarden. Getting good Aerogarden plant food alternatives would solve this problem and help your plants grow well. Some of the other options you can explore are

General hydroponics flora grow, flora bloom, and flora micro combination

General hydroponics provides you with three packed combos for your Aerogarden plants. Each has a different but effective task for your plants. This product won the favour of Antarctic research scientists and NASA, and this is because of its reliability, effectiveness, and superior formulation.

  • Floragro brings about the structural and vegetative growth of your Aerogarden plants by strengthening their roots, thereby enabling them to take up nutrients.
  • The flora bloom stimulates flower and fruit development; it enhances the aroma, essential oil, and flavour. It also provides your plants with magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and high phosphorus.
  • Flora micro provides your plants with calcium, nitrogen, potassium, and trace elements and is the backbone of the building block system.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Contains the complete primary, secondary, and even micronutrients to provide your crops with enhanced yields and a better quality of the crop.
  3. Its contents are so purified that they can be very soluble in water.
  4. You can adjust the mixture of these three combos so that you can meet the specific needs of your plants.
  5. Flavour, aroma, essential oils, and nutrition are enhanced in your Aerogarden plants.
  6. Its pH is balanced for your plants.

Microbe life hydroponics

You wanted to know if you can use soil nutrition in your Aerogarden? This is the soil-plant nutrient for you. This product contains soil microbes that are not harmful to plants and can help process nutrients and make them available for your plant uptake. It furthermore provides increased plant energy, strengthens roots, and accelerates photosynthesis.

This enhancer is specifically formulated to increase your plant yields by helping your plants to use plant nutrients well.


  1. Contains bacteria support to break down nutrients for your plants.
  2. It helps your plants to be more vigorous.
  3. It Accelerates plant growth.
  4. The nutrient poses no threat to the environment.
  5. It is a portion of organic plant food.

General Hydroponics CaliMagic

This product provides your plants with calcium and magnesium that are, of course, necessary for plant growth. The supplemental elements needed for adequate plant nutrition are provided with this product.

CaliMagic provides a concentrated mixture of available and accessible calcium and magnesium; it assists the fastest-growing plants by providing secondary nutrients for them to thrive. With this product, you can prevent tip burn and blossom end rot.


  1. A concentrated mixture of readily available calcium and magnesium.
  2. Prevents deficiency of secondary nutrients in plants.
  3. Prevents tip burn and blossom end rot disease in plants like lettuce, tomatoes, and other plants that so much require calcium.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Has an NPK ratio of 1-0-0.

Miracle-Gro Liquid All Purpose Plant Food

This plant food will instantly provide your plants with the nutrients they require to flourish. It is highly recommended to stimulate growth and good plant health. This is not harmful to the environment and is easy to use. It contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in ample quantities for plant growth.


  1. It provides value for your money as it is very affordable.
  2. The plant food is straightforward to use.
  3. It easily spreads.
How else can I use other plant food alternatives in my aerogarden?
  1. First, you must know the specific nutrient requirements of the plant you are growing in your aerogarden since some plants require a unique nutrient ratio.
  2. Although this is very risky, you can create a DIY plant food from raw salts for your Aerogarden plants.
  3. Also, consider re-potting the plants so that you can use soil plant nutrients on them.
  4. Be sure to check the plant food ingredients you want to buy not to cause more harm than good.

aerogarden Plant Food


In Summary, soil-plant food for home growers is designed for soil growth medium, and not Aerogarden, and therefore, should be avoided unless there is no other way if Aerogarden alternatives or Aerogarden plant food cannot be purchased. Since the growth media is different, plants are grown on aerogarden or soil access nutrients differently; hence, plant food is specifically built for each of them separately.

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