Care To Share Your Aerogarden Story/Journey With Us?


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Hello AeroGardenLovers, we’re launching a #ShareYourStory series on our site and we want YOU to be part of it!

Especially during the pandemic and lockdown, the world of indoor gardening has expanded a lot bigger and faster than anyone can imagine. And also coupled with the fact that the cold weather now is not allowing gardeners to comfortably continue their hobby/passion outdoors.

If you have ventured into aerogardening at any point, we want to hear your story. Consider sharing with us on the Aerogarden Series.


What is this Aerogarden Series?

It is more like any other #ShareYourStory series out there. In this particular series, as AeroGardeners, you can share all you want the public to know about your Aerogarden journey. Even if you are no longer using an aerogarden, you can still share your experience about when you were.

You are free to share:

  • Your aeroGarden story from the first day up until whenever you choose.
  • How you started – if anything prompted it and how/when you decided to take it seriously.
  • The progress of your plants’ growth. If all plants grew from start, if there was any change of seeds etc.
  • Managing plant problems – from algae, moulds, bugs, discoloured leaves, falling leaves, stunted plants etc.
  • Coping with fixing or repairs of any faulty aerogarden part.
  • Overall maintenance of plants and the unit itself.
  • Harvesting and enjoying the harvest.
  • Storing, preserving or selling excess plant harvest.
  • How life has been having a handy garden indoors.
  • Future plans for aerogardening – to stop, get more aerogardens to expand or just continue at a steady pace?
  • Best practices you used for optimal plant growth and yields.
  • And any helpful aerogarden tips for others (especially beginners) based on your own gardening experience.

Please, note that any story you choose to share should not be limited by the above points. You can discuss ANYTHING at all which you feel others can share in.

How to participate?

If you are interested and willing to share your story, you can do this in 2 way:

  1. You can choose to share your story in any format you want – pictures, videos, texts etc. Any way you feel is best and comfortable for you to pass the message across is accepted. You can even schedule a call with us if you prefer that.
  2. Or, we can send you a template to fill the necessary details. In the template, you are free to add videos, images and anything else you feel would be useful. The template is like a guide with questions you will provide answers to and also an extra space where you can share other things not asked.

Once you are done writing your story using the template or whatever means you want, you can send it to us directly at . If you are sending videos or images across, you can add them directly to the MSWord document containing the texts, then save and send. Or paste all the links to where we can find it anywhere you dropped them online e.g google drive, dropbox etc.

You are also expected to write a little note about yourself when submitting. We will attach the note on each person’s story so that all credits would be given to them, but this is optional if you do not want that.

Where will your story be shared?

If you give us your story, here are a few places we will be sharing them:

  • The first and most prominent place your story will get featured is right here on the site. We have created a category for that and when we start receiving submissions, you would find other people’s story alongside your own in the section.
  • We will also be sharing the story on our social media pages and to our email subscribers.
  • Once in a while, we will share it on popular forums if we find a story to be very enthralling.
  • We’ll like to get as many eyes as possible on each story and we can choose to share on online magazines taking such entries and also blogs that may be interested in such.

If you choose to only have it here on the site, it is totally fine with us. Ensure that you state that in your submission so we include a disclaimer on the post. But if you want it shared as far as possible, we will be glad to do that.

Any benefits for sharing your story?

While we would really love to offer some benefits to those who would be willing to share their story, at the moment we do not have any in place. But we are working towards that and would definitely arrive at something soonest. It may not be monetary value, but it would be a very valuable product.

For now, feel free to share your story with us while expecting nothing in return; take it as your own little way of helping other aerogardeners enjoy every detail of the aerogarden journey.


In conclusion,

We are doing this to create more awareness, bring aerogardeners together, allow others to see what the life of an average aerogardener is and for beginners to learn the ropes even before diving in.

If you would like to use the template, comment the word “TEMPLATE” below and be sure to fill your best email in the email section so we can send it to you (no one else would see your email except us).

Feel free to share your thoughts below. If you have any suggestions or moments, also drop them below and we will attend to them all.

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