Should I Leave My Aerogarden Light Turned On All Night

Should I Leave My Aerogarden Light Turned On All Night?


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While natural light is ideal for plants growth, plants, however, can also thrive under artificial light. Then begs the question, seeing that even our natural sunlight is regulated and has an on and off time as there is no sunlight in the night, is it then okay to leave aerogarden lights turned on all through the night for your aerogarden plants?

Although aerogarden affords you the advantage of regulating the amount of light your aerogarden plants receive, you need to know when to turn off the light and not leave it on constantly.

AeroGarden light too bright at night

In the rest of this article, I will provide information about all you need to know concerning your plant and your aerogarden light.

About your aerogarden grow light

Depending on the type of grow light your aerogarden system uses, the intensity of the light, the wavelength of the light, the quality of light provided can significantly vary. Grow lights usually are available in incandescent, fluorescent, and LED varieties.

The technology of growing light has greatly advanced by far over the years, and so has aerogarden. All the recent models of aerogarden now use ultra-modern LED technology, providing about 50% more plant growth and just consuming about 60% less power than aerogardens with compact fluorescent lights- CFL grows lights. This helps, even more, to make your growing experience beautiful.

All recent aerogardens provide the light spectrum required for ultimate growth. Daylight white light focuses on rapid growth, blue light for high quantity and quality yields, and red light for flowers. These light spectra were replicated from the natural sunlight as it is crucial for plant growth.

Your plants’ light requirements

Plant light requirements differ significantly as some plants require a certain amount of light while it is day and others just want some time in the dark to work some things out. Such plants that need some period of darkness don’t need to be exposed to much light or for an extended period as they will not grow and develop well. They require a certain amount of blackout.

You have to know your plant, how much light it requires, and how long it should be exposed to sunlight. Hence growers are advised to research the plants they intend to grow before growing them so that they don’t face challenges, and if at all they encounter one, they can remedy it from their knowledge bank.

Plants are also classified with respect to their light requirements. Hence we have plants that require a high amount of light, that of the middle, and then a low amount of light. Also, this classification extends to light duration– Plants that require more extended light periods and those that need shorter light duration.

At different growth stages, plants grown indoors require different duration and amounts of light. You must be careful to regulate your Aerogarden growth light during these phases of plant life. Also, the light intensity can be adjusted by how close or far the light source is from your plants.

Is it okay to leave the aerogarden light on all night?

Some gardeners prefer leaving their lights on for 24 hours to get maximum growth from their plants. But this is however not ideal as the healthy light duration for vegetative plants is 18 hours on and lights out for 6 hours. This is a regular schedule of a day of sunshine preceding night hours.

This method will save your electricity and also help your plants grow exceptionally. For some plants, a reduced amount of light will stimulate flowering. An aero gardener can trick these plants indoors to produce their flowers by reducing the amount of light they get daily. You can regulate your grow light to 12 hours off and 12 hours on to achieve this.

For other plants, they start producing flowers as they hit maturity. Eighteen hours of light is okay for these plants throughout their growth stages. Depending on the plant you choose to grow on your aerogarden, you can, of course, regulate your aerogarden light to suit the light requirements of your plant.

When am I supposed to turn off the aerogarden light?

Regulating indoor plant light is essential since you also get to cut the electricity cost. Even the natural sunlight is not always up. Sometimes we get longer days and some other times, we get shorter days. Some gardeners would want to bathe their plants with light for 24 hours perhaps because they want their plants to grow faster, bigger, and yield bountifully. But it doesn’t work that way.

The aerogarden has a timer built into it that can be set depending on how long you want your aerogarden lights on. Once you plug in your aerogarden, the lights come on and stay on for the next 15 hours before time turns off. To reset this timer, you just need to press and hold it for a few seconds and then reset it.

Except for unique plants like veggies that require more light time, a normal 12 hours light on and 12 hours lights out is okay. Just follow the normal sunrise and sunset time because plants also require dark cycles to fully develop.

Since aerogarden has a timer, reset your timer to suit the light requirement of your aerogarden plant. You don’t have to switch your lights on and off as it can be tiring. Also, you might even forget to switch on or switch off your aerogarden lights.

Your aerogarden don’t really care when they get their lights, they just want their lights. just set it with the timer so it doesn’t disturb you. Remember that young plants require less light compared to older plants. Seedlings grow successfully under low-level light,

What happens if the aerogarden plants get too much light?

Definitely, too much of everything is bad. Overfeeding animals will definitely cause more harm than good. Leaving your plants exposed to too much light will adversely affect them. When plants are exposed to too much light, they get affected by what is called photoinhibition. This causes photosynthesis to reduce as a result of too many photons hitting your plant leaves. Exposing your aerogarden plants to too much light will furthermore cause mottling and bleaching of the upper growth.

So if photosynthesis halts, or gets tampered with, the whole plant will definitely suffer and decline in growth and development. This will in turn affect your yield. Let’s look at it this way, your plant is an organization and your plant leaves are the workers. If you burden your workers with more work than they require to supply sufficient needs for the plant, they are definitely going to break down, don’t you think?

Are there effects on plants when there is too little light?

When plants are exposed to too little light, they cannot produce green pigments that are essential for photosynthesis. This will eventually cause your plants to turn from green to pale green to yellow and then white.

  1. Plant stems elongate and becomes thinner and it will look like it is reaching for more light as it will elongate toward the source of light.
  2. When light is not sufficient for plants, there will be long spaces on stems in between points where leaves shoot out from stems- leaf nodes.
  3. The leaves of plants that don’t get enough light will eventually start to drop off. More especially their older leaves.
  4. Just in case you are growing a variegated plant- leaves that are coloured white and green- you might find out that they will suddenly turn solid green.
  5. Plants may find it difficult to produce flower buds.

Still with our earlier example, if you don’t supply your workers with work, they are definitely going to be bored, and not supply the company needs and eventually quit.

How can I know my plants are getting the right amount of light?

This is easy, once you have ascertained the light requirement of your aerogarden plant, that is definitely a good start. If you consistently regulate your aerogarden light to suit your plants, then of course your plant is getting enough light.

Also since your plants will be able to photosynthesize, they will develop healthy leaves, and flower bountifully. Your plant stem will be strong and healthy.

AeroGarden light usage at night


Plants can’t fend for themselves. Outdoors, sunlight has been scheduled for their growth and development so, if we must take them inside, we must provide light, not too much, not too little but the required amount of light in the required duration so that they can also thrive.

Aerogarden provides you with the opportunity to grow plants indoors making available every factor required for plant growth including light which can be scheduled to be regulated on its own making it easier for you.

Plants don’t really care how they get this light or when they will get it, they just won’t light.

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