What To Do If Your Aerogarden Leaves Are Falling Off

What To Do If Your Aerogarden Leaves Are Falling Off


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Growing plants indoors with aerogarden is convenient and easy but does have some challenges accompanying it. These challenges usually are a huge problem for beginners. One of the alarming issues is the falling off of aerogarden plant leaves. It can be very discouraging when plant leaves fall off, especially if you can’t ascertain the cause.

Plant leaves are essential for plant growth and development as they play a significant role in photosynthesis. Without leaves, or with just a small amount of leaves, a plant’s chances of surviving are very low.

This article will deal with what you need to know concerning your aerogarden plants dropping there and how to prevent it.

AeroGarden Farm Plus leaves

What causes aerogarden leaves to fall off their plants?

Although in some cases, plant leaf loss is expected as some plants shed off old leaves to produce new ones while they grow. Some plants are known to shed their leaves when it is wintertime, this is to enable them to have fewer leaves to maintain during winter. Other plants drop their leaves all through the year, and some other plants, their leaves don’t fall off at all.

Do well to read up on your aerogarden plant to be sure if it’s shedding of the leaf is a problem or not.

However, there are many reasons why leaves would fall off their plants, the majority of these reasons are not good.

It is then essential to carefully examine your plants and check for pests or probably some disorders that might have been caused by environmental factors which may cause their leaves to fall off.

Below are common causes why aerogarden plants’ leaves fall off

Too little or too much water

Too much and too little water in your aerogarden will adversely affect your plants and eventually kill them. Although the aerogarden system has a built-in system that alerts you when the available water for your aerogarden plants is running low, some plants have unique water requirements. Again, since the aerogarden won’t alert you when you overfill it, you must be careful about filling it with water. Always make sure water is at the water fill line, and don’t wait until the system alerts you to refill.

If plants get too much water than required, their roots drown, soften and rotten and start dying. The leaves of the plants turn soft and may look as if they are rotten and eventually fall off both new and old leaves. You might notice the presence of mould, mildew, or other fungal growth on the plant.

Just make sure the water level is at the “fill to the line” or just a little over it. Don’t wait for your “add water” light to start blinking before you add water.


Some bugs enjoy causing your aerogarden plant leaves to fall off. Pests like scale, mealybugs, and spider mites can cause leaf drops when they attack your plants.

To ascertain if your aerogarden leaf fall can be attributed to pests, check the leaves that fell from your plants for signs of that particular pests and apply the necessary pesticide to your plant to remedy it.


Sometimes your aerogarden plants react to some chemicals we let loose in the air. Chemicals like floor treatments and paint fumes might adversely affect your aerogarden plants causing their leaves to fall off, sometimes turning yellow before falling off.

A new environment

This is usually the most common cause of plant leaves falling off and doesn’t have any remedy. By changing your plant’s environment, perhaps from outdoor to indoor or from soil medium to hydroponics, the plant will experience shock, which is usually its physiological response to sudden changes in humidity, light levels, temperature, or watering habits.

Plants that are acquired newly normally experience this shock. There is, however nothing you can do to cure this. You can only hope your plants adjust.

Poor illumination

When plants are exposed to low light, they also shed their leaves. They shed a few leaves to be efficient since just a few leaves will be needed to trap the low light spectrum.

Light is an essential factor for plant growth and development and will adversely affect plants if it is not provided sufficiently.

The aerogarden’s light intensity can be adjusted to suit the light requirement of your plants. It is also essential that you understand the light requirement of your plant to know when to turn off and turn on the grow lights.

Nutrient deficient plant

If you notice chlorosis– unusual yellowing of plant leaves– before your aerogarden plant leaves begin falling off, there is a possibility that your plants are lacking nutrients, perhaps due to insufficient plant food. Also, you may be feeding your plants the wrong plant food that does not contain the required nutrients.

Just increase your plant’s feeding schedule, or change its plant food entirely. Again, don’t wait for your aerogarden to notify you to feed your plants before do.

Physical contacts

You must provide no physiological disorder resulting in your aerogarden plant leaves falling off. Perhaps you placed your aerogarden in an area that is frequently passed or used hence, your plants always get touched or brushed frequently. This will definitely cause your plant leaves to inexplicably fall off.

Your plants are alive, remember? They require their own space. Your aerogarden plant leaves drop when your pets and kids always make contact with them. You need to move your aerogarden to a safe location with low or no traffic or better still, place it in an elevated place to keep it from frequent contact.

Unchecked temperatures

A lot of plants from the tropics will shed their healthy leaves when they are exposed to cold conditions. Also, some other plants may shed their leaves when the environment is hot. This also has to do with where you leave your aerogarden and the temperature it is exposed to.

You must find a way to regulate the temperature of your house or wherever you place your aerogarden or keep it entirely away from those places that are extremely hot or cold.

Reading the signs on your aerogarden plant leaves

Your plant leaves can tell you a lot concerning the status and the health of your plant. Perhaps that’s even how they talk to us! Below are some foliage languages.

  • Your plant leaves will discolour or be deformed when it is overwatered.
  • When your plant doesn’t get the required humidity, your leaves will become crunchy and turn brown.
  • Your plant leaves will tell you that there is little or no nutrient by appearing pale.
How can you prevent your plant leaves from falling off?

A wise old saying– Prevention is better than cure. If your aerogarden plant leaves fall off, you can’t replace them quickly and that will reduce the growth rate of your plant since photosynthesis is vital for plant growth.

To prevent your plant leaves from falling you need to;

  • Be more careful with your plants especially the tender and growing ones as their tissue supports are still weak.
  • When planting with aerogarden, avoid planting an already growing plant to avoid shock. It is better if you plant from scratch with the seeds.
  • It is important you use trusted and proven plant foods to ensure the health and safety of your aerogarden.
  • Always check your plants to be aware when pests start attacking.
Be conversant with your plants

When choosing a plant to grow in an aerogarden, it is important you read the plant’s care instructions from the plant tag so that you know how to take care of it. Different plants require different treatments. Although all plants need water, nutrients, and light to grow, different plants require a unique quantity of these things.

There are some plants that just normally drop their leaves and it is not a problem.

Things to do to leaves falling off your aerogarden plants

Having established some of the common causes of leaf drop, we have seen that sometimes, there is no particular heavy issue, just some careless gardening.

Once you have thoroughly checked the leaves and concluded that there is no pest invasion, just pack up the leaves and throw them away or probably use them as manure for your outdoor garden if you’ve got one.

Also, try preventive measures to remedy it even if you don’t know the cause. For example, refill your aerogarden, monitor your aerogarden, grow light to know if it is malfunctioning and provide longer hours of lighting for your aerogarden plants. Keep your aerogarden off frequent contact.

If you are not sure what to do, contact an expert.

aerogarden Leaves falling


Aerogarden plants drop their leaves usually when their food– plant nutrients– don’t have the nutrients required to strengthen the supporting tissue of the plant.

Plant leaves will definitely fall off when the process of photosynthesis is affected by poor lighting or lack of other photosynthesis factors like carbohydrates and water. It is important you provide your plant sufficiently with what they need to develop strong tissue that will keep their leaves from falling off.

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