What To Do If Your Aerogarden Tomatoes Have Yellow Spots

What To Do If Your Aerogarden Tomatoes Have Yellow Spots?


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It’s normal to have your tomatoes harvested without any form of abnormalities. Therefore, yellow spots on aerogarden tomatoes indicate a disease condition or an anomaly. Many aerogarden farmers do not always complain about their plants being infested by any form of insects. This is because they take good care of these plants early. Aerogarden plants are usually found indoors; therefore, insects do not have any access to locate them.

Nonetheless, the plants may be infested by external forces and by activities of the farmer close to the plant. It’s very rare to see aerogarden tomatoes have yellow spots on them. Yellow spots on aerogarden tomatoes may be caused by fungi, bacteria, trauma, or external forces. Aerogarden tomatoes are specially cared for because of their high yield and because they’re free from any form of disease infestation.

At the early stage of aerogarden tomatoes, they’re supplied with essential nutrients, water, supplements, and air, keeping them very fresh. They’re also looked out for any form of disease manifestation at this stage since it’s rarely seen. Once any part of the tomato leaves has an altered appearance of disease condition, the gardener immediately looks for treatment to save the tomato fruit from decay and spoilage. This treatment is done with immediate effect to avoid extension of the condition to tomato fruits, leading to more damage.

Strange yellow spots on aerogarden tomatoes

What causes my aerogarden tomatoes to have yellow spots on them?

There are various causes of yellow spots on aerogarden tomatoes. The following have been recognized to be the major causes of the yellow spots on aerogarden tomatoes;

Fungal infection

This is a significant cause of the yellow spots seen on aerogarden tomatoes. Most fungal infections are airborne because they produce spores. The aerogarden tender may inhale these spores, and during inspection of the aerogarden tomatoes, the tender may transmit the spores to the plant. Although, this is rare. Fungal infection on aerogarden tomatoes is usually observed when there’s a change in the form of the tomato leaves. Gradually, the leaves change colour from deep green and upright form to light green, and dark spots are observed in the centre of the leaves. In some cases, the leaves of the tomatoes curl up and look shrank.

These changes, if not curtailed, further extend to the tomato fruits. Aerogarden tomatoes that are infested with this fungi change colour from pure red to yellow halo and dark-spotted colour. This will further extend to all the tomatoes in the garden if not treated urgently. The only recommended treatment is given once these observations are made immediately sprinkling fungicide on the plant. Meanwhile, the aerogarden sprout model should be taken outside the house before sprinkling this fungicide. This treatment should be done for three days consecutively.

Trauma and Physical forces

Trauma can also cause the aerogarden tomatoes to have yellow spots. House cleaning is very vital to all households. While cleaning the house, you should remember that the aerogarden sprout model where the tomatoes are nurtured is present. In the house cleaning or other activities, sticks or brooms may fall on the aerogarden tomato leaves. Once these objects drop on the leaves, they could cause trauma to the aerogarden tomatoes as light as they are.

Physical forces are resulting from house accidents are incredibly close to the aerogarden sprout model. Keeping all sharp and heavy objects away from the aerogarden sprout model. This ensures that the plants are in good shape, devoid of any form of trauma or injury.


Nutrients are equally added to the aerogarden tomatoes to improve their yield. Plant food is added to the aerogarden plants to ensure proper growth. Humans and animals, especially the younger ones, need food and essential nutrients to stay alive, healthy and grow. This knowledge applies to plants. This ensures absolute growth and development of the aerogarden tomato.

If the aerogarden tomatoes are malnourished, the leaves will gradually change colour from deep green to light or shallow green and gradually change to yellow as the leaves change in colour, so also the fruits. The size of the tomatoes drastically reduces, and yellow spots are seen all over the tomatoes due to malnutrition.

Can I eat tomatoes that have yellow spots on them?

Yellow spots on aerogarden tomatoes, as we have established, are an abnormality due to either fungal infection trauma or malnutrition. Therefore, it has insufficient nutrients to supply to farmers. The yellow spots have made them appear unattractive, smaller in size, and shrink. Furthermore, farmers may fear contracting the fungal infection from eating these aerogarden tomatoes. Since there are better options to choose from, would you choose from the bad ones? No! Aerogarden tomato keepers harvest these tomatoes, especially for the one which has a high yield. And these yellow spots will keep these tomatoes unfresh and, at times, bitter when cooked.

Therefore, to produce aerogarden tomatoes that are good enough to be eaten, care should be taken to ensure that the aerogarden tomatoes do not have yellow spots on them. Aerogarden farmers, who are also outdoor farmers and produce in large quantities, sell these goods in the market. It has been proven that tomatoes with pure red colour are more marketable. This is because of the complete nutrients present in them.

People instead choose tomatoes without any spots on them because they feel it’s the best for them. Only those who cannot afford to buy healthy and fresh tomatoes can buy the tomatoes with yellow spots.

You can eat aerogarden tomatoes with yellow spots on them only if you’re ready to contract a fungal infection. It is often advised that you don’t eat these tomatoes. Instead, buy those without any spots on them. As an aerogarden farmer, you should always choose to enjoy the best yield that comes out of your produce and overlook the ones that are not yielding well.

By the way, before you eat aerogarden tomatoes with yellow spots because they’re cheap, wash the tomatoes thoroughly with water and salt. Once you’re done washing, slice the tomatoes and grind them. Cook the tomatoes for at least 20 minutes and once you’re done, leave the pot covered for some time. This will enable the fungi present in the tomatoes if suspected to perish. This is a better way to keep aerogarden tomatoes with yellow spots healthy for consumption.

Are all my tomatoes infected if a few have got yellow spots?

As an aerogarden farmer, the most important attribute you must possess is being very observant. What are the changes you have observed after attending to the plants daily? Have you been able to find out what happened to your tomato fruits and why they’re changing colour? Observe if the yellow spots are on a few tomatoes or almost all of them.

Once there are yellow spots on about three of your aerogarden tomatoes, the whole plants have been infected, and it will take a long time to return them to normal. For instance, if you confirm that its fungi are attacking the plants and you have observed about four tomato fruits with yellow spots, observe the plants from which this yellow spot is coming. The plants must have turned yellow, which extended to the fruits.

Observation is the key. If you have observed only one plant, the rest may not be affected. Not until you leave it for a long time without considering fungicide will it spread all over the tomatoes.

What do you do to prevent all your aerogarden tomatoes from being affected if you have observed a few? This is very simple. Once you keep that a few of your aerogarden tomatoes have yellow spots, you quickly get rid of those having yellow spots and spray fungicide on that area. The fungicide you’re spraying prevents other tomatoes from affecting this fungus. Meanwhile, this practice should be carried out outside the room. The Aerogarden sprout model is taken outside and left for some days. This is to avoid intoxication of the humans using fungicide.

In other words, not all your tomatoes are affected if a few have got yellow spots. But, once you leave the affected ones unaffected, within a few days, all of them will be affected. To the intoxication prevents your aerogarden tomatoes from being infected, keeps the surroundings clean, and ensures you wash your hands constantly. Cover your nose and mouth before attending to the aerogarden tomatoes.

How can I get rid of the yellow spots on my aerogarden tomatoes?

Getting rid of the aerogarden tomatoes is the first step to salvage the situation of the plants that are not affected. If, as an aerogarden farmer, you cannot identify that your farm isn’t in good shape, then you’re not meant to have an aerogarden sprout model. To get rid of a problem, you must first identify the problem. Farmers who are not observant enough may not see how bad their tomato fruits may seem.

They feel that everything is still in order while they don’t know their plants are gone. When you have identified yellow spots on your aerogarden tomatoes, you must, as soon as possible, check if it’s one-half of the plants. If it’s the incision of the disease, then you have nothing to worry about. You don’t have to get rid of all the tomatoes affected.

Look out for the most damaged tomatoes, gradually remove them from the rest and take the aerogarden sprout model outside the house. Get a fungicide spray on the rest, which has yellow spots that are not prominent. At this level, you must ensure that you’re supplying the aerogarden tomatoes with enough plant food, nutrients, and, most importantly, supplements. The following will provide strong immunity against the disease and save the rest from being affected. If a whole plant has been affected, to save the remaining plants, gradually uproot the affected plant and supply the rest of the plants with nutrients. Other aerogarden tomato plants that are not affected will be saved.

What to do to prevent my aerogarden tomatoes from having yellow spots again.

The goal of every determined farmer is to produce healthy farm products for sale or family use. An aerogarden farmer should bear this in mind to ensure high yield and output. If your aerogarden tomatoes previously had yellow spots on them and you couldn’t salvage the situation till it’s too late, then you have everything to worry about. Since your target is to produce the best, you have to look for proper remedies to salvage this situation and to enable you to have a high yield for another year.

What do you do to prevent your aerogarden tomatoes from having yellow spots again? An interesting question! First of all, you need to do not acknowledge that you haven’t done so well in the past season, and you’re ready to make amends.

Thoroughly clean the aerogarden sprout model which you would use for a new gardening season. Keep the model away from children and anything not clean. If possible, get it clean with a methylated spirit to ensure no germs on the model before cleaning properly. Once you’re done with this, get the tomato seeds that you want to install in the model.

Ensure that the tomato surroundings are clean, and the ones you purchased are the ones devoid of any form of the disease. You should buy sealed and highly recommended tomato seeds. This will ensure an aerogarden tomato garden free of any form of the disease.

All these provide the model with requirements that will enable these tomatoes to grow without any form of disease.

AeroGarden Sprout with tomatoes


Aerogarden tomatoes are among the best tomatoes recommended by doctors to older adults and women. It’s scarce to see these tomatoes affected with any form of the disease because of the appropriate care taken. Yellow spots on aerogarden tomatoes are not usual. Once observed, immediate attention should be given to the plants to save the whole tomatoes from destruction. Keeping the garden clean at all times is one of the best ways to keep the plants safe and free from any form of the disease.

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